Proven Litigators To Assert Your Rights

Powerful litigation skills and the particular knowledge needed to fully assert your rights. That is what we offer in all of our practice areas at Aidala Bertuna & Kamins PC in New York City.

If you are facing criminal charges, we stand ready to defend you effectively throughout the criminal justice process. We are well recognized throughout the city as go-to defense attorneys because of our role in numerous high-profile cases. Just See For Yourself.

But our practice also goes beyond criminal defense to include civil litigation, real estate, personal injury and attorney disciplinary cases. From offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we serve clients throughout the New York City area. Give us a call today at 800-410-4804 to discuss your specific situation.

Cutting-Edge Litigation Skills To Take On Any Challenge

We use our cutting-edge litigation skills to represent many different types of New Yorkers in criminal defense and civil litigation cases.

On the civil side, our practice is multi-faceted, ranging from civil litigation to complicated real estate closings to attorney disciplinary cases and personal injury. In all of these areas, we have lawyers with the skills and experience to deliver the effective service needed to protect your rights and interests.

Why Defending Criminal Charges Aggressively Is So Critical

When defending against criminal charges, we take a proactive approach. Even if you haven't been charged, we encourage you to get counsel as soon as you think you may be under investigation. This is especially true in cases involving allegations of fraud or other financial crimes.

Aggressive defense is also critical in the defense of DUI and other charges. We leverage our proven litigation skills and strong reputation to push back hard on your behalf when dealing with police and prosecutors. With offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan, we serve clients throughout the city.

Our goal will always be to minimize the consequences to you. We do this not only by fighting hard, but by deploying tactics that depend on your particular situation. Regardless of what charges you face, you will have a vigorous advocate on your side to protect your rights and interests.

Taking Action Before It's Too Late

Taking timely action is vitally important when criminal charges are on the table or you are involved in civil litigation. That is a given.

But you also need to be sure you have attorneys on your side who have the knowledge you need. That is why we encourage you to check out our attorneys' backgrounds — and to call to learn more about how we can help you tackle the legal trouble you are in and take the steps you need to move forward.

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