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Science moves forward in developing marijuana breath test

Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in New York as well as all other states. But unlike intoxication by alcohol, which can be measured by authorities at a stop, there is no reliable breath test for marijuana intoxication. That could change as some companies are working to develop breath testing devices for marijuana impairment.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, measuring a person's breath for marijuana is far more complicated than measuring breath for alcohol. In order for a breath test to work, the vapor pressure of a compound must be measured. Until recently, the vapor pressure of marijuana had never been measured. But the agency reported on July 5 that some of its scientists were able to accomplish this for the first time. Specifically, they were able to measure the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

Man accused of fatal shooting that left 2 dead

On July 5, New York authorities reported that a person who was suspected of being involved in a fatal shooting that left two dead was taken into custody. The shooting incident occurred on June 23 at about 4:45 a.m. on Cleveland Street near Hegeman Avenue in Brooklyn.

The 33-year-old accused man and a second person allegedly walked up to the vehicle and started shooting. The two individuals, who were identified as a 27-year-old man and a 23-year-old Florida woman, were reportedly shot while they were sitting in a Dodge Durango. It appeared that the man was the intended target. He was found sitting in the driver's seat while the woman was in the passenger seat.

Martin Shkreli faces 20 years for alleged Ponzi scheme

New York residents who have heard about the ongoing trials of former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli may be interested to learn that, on June 26, more than 100 potential jurors in his fraud case ruled themselves out. The dismissed jurors said that they would be unable to reach an impartial decision due to his notoriety.

Shkreli came into the spotlight in 2015 after he reportedly raised the price of an HIV drug by more than 5,000 percent of its original cost. He was ultimately taken into custody in the same year after he was accused of running a Ponzi scheme. He was accused of taking money from new individuals who were investing in his drug company to pay off his mounting debts. It was believed he stole about $11 million from investors.

3 reasons to defend yourself after a bar fight

You were minding your own business at the bar when you saw a young woman being harassed. The person harassing her was clearly intoxicated, so you stepped in to help. Not long after that, you found yourself in a full-out brawl.

In your situation, you were just doing what you thought was right, but when the police came, you found yourself arrested for assault. There are a few reasons you need to defend yourself right now.

New York prosecutors file organized crime complaints

Prosecutors in New York accused 27 men of being involved in a Russian organized crime syndicate in two criminal complaints filed in Manhattan on June 14. The men are accused of committing crimes in various parts of the United States on behalf of a 40-year-old New Jersey man who prosecutors say is a leading underworld figure. Most of the men, who range from 22 to 59 years of age, reside in Brooklyn according to reports.

Prosecutors allege that the men worked in small teams. Each of these teams, which are said to have been based in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada, Florida and overseas, specialized in a specific form of crime according to the two complaints. The men are charged with a raft of felony counts including extortion, identity theft, trafficking stolen goods across state lines, credit card fraud and operating an illegal gambling operation.

Man refuses alcohol breath test when pulled over in New York

The Port Authority Police in Staten Island arrested a man who appeared disoriented and intoxicated after he refused to cooperate with their attempt to conduct a field sobriety test. A police sergeant said that he witnessed the 26-year-old man driving a 2013 Dodge Durango eastward in the westbound off ramp for Goethals Road North.

The vehicle continued eastbound on the westbound side of the Staten Island Expressway. A construction project for the Goethals Bridge had this portion of the road closed, and the vehicle passed through traffic cones on this route. Police eventually pulled the man over near the West Shore Expressway off ramp.

Former Knicks head coach charged with drunk driving

On June 4, it was reported that the former head coach of the New York Knicks, Derek Fisher, was taken into custody on suspicion of drunk driving. The report said that the arrest came after the former head coach flipped his vehicle while driving on U.S. 101.

Fisher was reportedly driving in Los Angeles with a passenger when his vehicle veered into the shoulder of the road. When the 2015 Cadillac hit the concrete curb and guardrail, it overturned before coming to a stop on its roof. Authorities said that they discovered that Fisher was driving under the influence and he was taken into custody.

Follow these tips to ask your spouse for a divorce

Is divorce on your mind? Do you have reason to believe that this is the best way to improve your life?

Although divorce is one of the most difficult challenges you can face in your life, there are steps you can take to put yourself on the right track.

Prosecutor's office vows zero-tolerance for repeat offenders

New Yorkers might want to be aware that Albany County has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for repeat drunk driving offenders. The new policy was announced on May 26 in advance of the Memorial Day weekend.

According to the Albany County District Attorney's Office, repeat offenders who have prior convictions for drunk driving are required to have ignition interlock devices installed on their vehicles. Before the engines will start, people who have the devices must blow into them. If they have any alcohol on their breath, the vehicles won't start.

Bay Ridge Community Council 66th Annual Dinner honoring Arthur Aidala, Esq. + Ilene Sacco

Tonight we celebrate our #ABKLaw Managing Partner Arthur Aidala, Esq as he received a Civic Award as MAN OF THE YEAR from The Bay Ridge Community Council at their 66th Annual Dinner Dance Gala.

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