Criminal Conspiracy Defense Attorneys

It is hard to be charged with a federal crime these days without also being charged with conspiracy. Conspiracy is a prosecutor's best friend because it allows the prosecution to charge Person A with crimes that were actually committed by Person B. Standards of proof for conspiracy are low. Very often, the accused is acquitted of the specific charge but convicted of the vague charge of conspiracy. You can see the need for an exceptional defense when you are charged with conspiracy.

Aggressive New York Criminal Defense Lawyer Arthur Aidala

Attorney Arthur Aidala defends individuals against a host of conspiracy charges, at both the federal level, where they are very common, and at the state level, where they are becoming more common. You may be accused of conspiring with others to commit crimes in any of these areas:

  • White-collar crime: Mortgage, fraud, bank fraud, money laundering and other white-collar offenses often come with conspiracy charges. We can protect your rights so that prosecutors don't get away with over-charging.
  • Drug crimes: Prosecutors may allege that your drug possession or sale was part of a larger conspiracy to distribute or traffic in drugs. Our firm will challenge any attempt to broaden the charge beyond what the evidence warrants.
  • Racketeering charges: Authorities like to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) in many different context. We will vigorously contest any attempt to use this federal law where it does not apply.

All the prosecution needs to prove is that you discussed or planned the commission of a crime with another party. You do not even have to have committed the crime to be charged with conspiracy.

Conspiracy convictions can put you behind bars. To prevent that from happening, work with a criminal defense firm that has a proven record for conspiracy defense.

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