Money Laundering Defense Lawyers

Under the law, exchanges of money exceeding $10,000 must generally be reported to the government. The purpose is supposedly to track large sums of money that may have been obtained illegally.

But authorities often apply such laws overly broadly, bringing money laundering charges or seeking asset forfeiture even against ordinary citizens. At Aidala Bertuna & Kamins, PC, in New York City, we provide aggressive defense against such charges. Call us today at 800-410-4804 to discuss your specific case.

How Do Prosecutors Use Money Laundering Charges?

Money laundering usually involves moving money from the place where it was received to another, more legitimate place. The idea is to conceal the money from discovery, changing it so that it does not point to the way it was acquired — and then mixing it in with money that is legal. If you are disguising money from Activity A as money from Activity B, it is assumed you are engaged in criminal activity.

Money laundering cases turn on evidence that you structured cash deposits to make them seem more innocent than they really are. Many cases seek to show that you created shell companies, sometimes offshore, to camouflage the cash as legitimate.

Money laundering charges are one more weapon (along with RICO and conspiracy charges) used by prosecutors to make it easier to obtain convictions. Originally established to root out organized crime and drug lords, money laundering charges are often made in everyday fraud and tax evasion cases — all because the accused deposited money in his or her bank account.

If you are convicted of money laundering charges, the penalties are harsh. The money in question is often confiscated — forfeited — along with other assets of value.

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