Wire And Mail Fraud Defense Attorneys

Mail and wire fraud are catch-all terms that allow prosecutors to broaden charges against you. If someone cheats in a card game, prosecutors will have trouble proving the details of the deception. But if the cheating occurs by post, it becomes mail fraud. If the act of fraud involves use of the phone or online media, that's wire fraud. Law enforcement and prosecutors love to use wire and mail fraud to beef up otherwise weak charges because it's much easier to gain convictions for these charges.

We Defend Against A Host Of White Collar Crime Charges

These are just a few of the state and federal crimes that can be enhanced with mail or wire fraud charges:

  • Smuggling
  • Stock fraud
  • Online auction fraud
  • Car and truck sales
  • Phony charitable fundraising
  • Stealing Social Security checks from a mailbox
  • False employment offers

The list is endless because it includes any act of fraudulent intent. Interstate mail fraud can involve either the U.S. Postal Service or private carriers such as UPS and FedEx. Wire fraud can involve the telephone, the Internet, email or broadcast media. We have handled dozens of these cases and we always effectively challenge these charges, resulting in the best possible outcome for our clients.

Serving New Yorkers In All Five Boroughs

If you are charged with wire or mail fraud, you need a top-quality lawyer who can defend against these difficult charges. Arthur Aidala is experienced and aggressive in defending clients against these white collar charges. He has enjoyed remarkable success in having fraud charges dismissed or reduced. He can put these skills to work for you.

Assistance You'd Be Wise To Accept

Our firm defends clients at every stage, from extradition to indictment to arraignment to trial. We work at all times to minimize the pain inflicted upon you by these charges. When convictions occur, as they can, our attorneys work to obtain lenient sentencing and diversion, where possible. We also assist with probation and appeals.

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