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December 2014 Archives

Driving applicant arrested in New York for DWI

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, a 50-year-old woman who was applying for a driving job is facing a DWI charge after a sobriety test revealed her to be severely impaired. The incident reportedly happened on Dec. 17 in Fort Edward.

New York man indicted on second degree murder charge

A Cheektowaga man was indicted by a grand jury on a charge of second degree murder, it has been reported. The 54-year-old man was arraigned on Dec. 16 for an incident that allegedly occurred in October in Cheektowaga. According to Cheektowaga Police Department officials, the alleged victim was the accused's tenant. Witnesses reported that, following an argument, the landlord shot his tenant, also a 54-year-old man, in the abdomen while both were standing in the tenant's driveway. The tenant was transported to Erie County Medical Center by emergency personnel on the night of the incident, where he reportedly died from his injuries.

Police Using Noise Blasts To Combat Protestors

During protests in New York City over the past several weeks, a distinct piercing sound could be heard for the first time in this city. The noise, a high-pitched beeping noise, was being emitted from a long-range acoustic device that can shriek repetitive blasts of noise at a volume of up to 152 decibels.

Several arrested on gang charges

Several people in New York were arrested by local police and federal agents for their alleged involvement with a Yonkers street gang known as GMF. Two accused gang members are still wanted, but several others were arrested by the FBI's SWAT team and Westchester Violent Crimes Task Force on the morning of Dec. 10. The people arrested were scheduled to appear before a federal judge in White Plains later on that same afternoon.

Possession Of 7 Shotgun Shells = 15 Years In Prison

In yet another example of how mandatory minimum sentences continue to limit the discretion of federal judges and unfairly punish certain defendants, a man has recently been sentenced to a 15-year jail sentence under the Armed Career Criminal Act for being a felon in possession of weapons ammunition. At first glance, it doesn't sound so bad, right? I don't think anyone would consider it unreasonable to prohibit individuals convicted of certain violent crimes from owning weapons or possession ammunition for guns.

Man convicted for illegal weapons conspiracy sentenced to jail

On Dec. 4, a New York associate of an international arms dealer who was convicted on conspiracy and wire fraud charges was sentenced to prison. While the sentencing guidelines initially called for a prison sentence of seven to nine years, the U.S. district judge sentenced the man to five years as a result of medical problems.

Knock, Knock, It's the Police: A Criminal Lawyers' Analysis of Overzealous Searches And Your Expectation Of Privacy

You are minding your own business, double parked, engine running, while waiting for your friend to run into Chipotle and pick up some burritos. A police officer approaches you and tells you that you are parked illegally. He starts asking you you have to answer him? Can you drive away? What if he wants to search your car? Should you let him? Can he search it without your permission? If he chases you, do you have to stop?

Microsoft Squares Off With US Gov't In Data Privacy Battle

Microsoft has found itself at the center of an intense legal battle regarding the ability of the United States Government to subpoena data stored abroad. In addition to drawing the attention of constitutional law scholars, tech companies, and lawmakers, the case should also concern private citizens as well.

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