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January 2015 Archives

Man charged with weapons possession in New York

Reports indicate that a 41-year-old Brooklyn man has been charged with illegal possession of a weapon for allegedly being in possession of brass knuckles. Additionally, police say that they found a M72-LAW rocket launcher at the man's home on Knickerbocker Avenue on Jan. 16. While they originally thought that the weapon was operational, it was later discovered that it was inert and was not designed to be used more than once.

Gun Confiscations At Airports Are On The Rise

It is a common occurrence these days to be held up in the airport screening line because someone forgot to remove their water bottle or shampoo bottle or forgot to put their laptop in a separate container. But increasingly, screeners for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are detaining travelers for forgetting to remove their guns.

Man charged in violent assault of New York couple

On Jan. 16, a 39-year-old Brooklyn man was arraigned on numerous charges in connection with a violent home invasion and robbery in April. Prosecutors claim that the victims, a couple from Queens, were left with serious, lasting injuries from the incident.

What are the different types of homicide?

New York residents might benefit from learning about the different classifications of homicide. In certain cases, homicide may be considered a legal act. Otherwise, these actions may be treated as murder by manslaughter. Killing in defense of another person or as a means of self-defense may be described as a justified homicide. Whether or not the act is justified depends on whether state laws permit lethal force for acts of self-defense.

New York man taken into custody after alleged crosswalk assault

According to reports, a man was taken into custody on Dec. 15 after allegedly attacking another individual with a knife in Greenwich Village. Police say the situation began when the accused, a 67-year-old male, became upset over a car blocking the crosswalk at an intersection. Reports indicate that the man approached the car and began yelling at the driver, a 37-year-old male, about blocking the crosswalk.

(Over) Prosecuting Insider Trading

Before Rudy Giuliani became the Mayor of New York City, he was the hard-charging U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Manhattan. His legacy as US Attorney continues to be his efforts to hold individuals responsible for crimes committed on Wall Street. He arrested and convicted many well-known traders and financiers of the time. In fact, by 1988, Giuliani had brought five times as many insider-trading cases as had ever been brought before in his district.

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