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June 2015 Archives

States are not equal in dealing with drunk driving

New York state has strict laws against drunk driving, but about half the country has stricter penalties. New York ranked 24th in drunk driving penalties in a ranking of the strictest DUI states in the country. The ranking, which includes all 50 states and Washington, D.C., was contained in a study recently released by a consumer finance website.

DUI arraignment remains a mystery to many

An arrest for driving under the influence results in the first appearance in court in a criminal case for many New York residents. For people whose only knowledge of criminal courts comes from television and movies, they may not understand the process or know what to expect in court. The first step is arraignment. In many cases, arraignment is the only court appearance because many individuals charged with DUI plead guilty if the evidence against them is strong.

When is it a crime to withdraw money from the bank?

Dennis Hastert has not been indicted on a single charge of sexual abuse. He has also not been charged with any bribery scheme or for illegally paying money that he was not allowed to pay. Instead, the indictment of Mr. Hastert, who is the former Republican Speaker of the House, lays out two different counts: taking money out of the bank the wrong way, and then lying to the FBI about what he did with the money.

FBI Microscopic Hair Analysis 90% Wrong

The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.

Thought Crimes, True Threats & the Cannibal Cop

In 2012, after the wife of NYPD cop Gilberto Valle installed spyware software on his computer, she found dozens of disturbing chat logs from a website called DarkFetishNet. The chats contained Officer Valle's schemes and fantasies to kidnap, rape, cook, and eat women, including his wife. Although he never took any actions and his desires never resulted in any actual crimes, he was arrested, nicknamed the "Cannibal Cop," and ultimately convicted in federal court on conspiracy charges. He faced life in prison.

New York man charged with assault in restaurant altercation

A 24-year-old New York man was accused of stabbing a 25-year-old man after an altercation occurred at a Bull and Barrel restaurant on May 28. Authorities stated that the incident took place at the restaurant located on Route 22 in Brewster.

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