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July 2015 Archives

Federal terrorism charges

There may be New York residents who can benefit from understanding more about the charges associated with accusations of terrorism. According to applicable federal statutes, terrorism may be described as dangerous or violent acts that endanger human lives and violate laws with the intent to coerce or intimate a civilian population, influence government policy or disrupt government through destructive means, including kidnapping and assassination. Terrorism may be international or domestic, depending on the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.

Former New York politician sentenced to prison

New York residents are likely familiar with the controversy surrounding Michael Grimm. The former member of the U.S. House of Representatives has been accused of perjury, filing false tax returns and tax fraud, but he was still reelected overwhelmingly by his Staten Island constituents in the 2014 midterm elections. However, the former U.S. Representative's good fortune ran out on July 17 when he was sentenced to eight months in prison by a Brooklyn judge.

Lawsuit Claims Seattle Trash Collecting Policy Violates Their Right To Privacy

In an attempt to get residents to throw away less garbage, the City of Seattle has given each household several different trash bins to put out to the curb - one for yard and food waste, one for recycling, and even smaller cans for stuff that is really trash.

New York weapons laws and brass knuckles

Many New York residents are uncertain about whether the possession of brass knuckles is illegal. To address this question, it is first necessary to define what brass knuckles are and are not. Most people are familiar with these from movies and TV, but they were initially invented for military personnel fighting in the trenches of World War I.

Man charged with DWI after traffic stop.

A man visiting New York from out of state faces accusations of DWI after being stopped by police on June 22. After being tested for the presence of alcohol in his bloodstream, the man was charged and released. The town of Clarkson has issued a ticket to him that demands his return to appear in court on July 13.

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