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September 2015 Archives

Man facing 3-year prison sentence for bitcoin scheme

On Sept. 21, a man pleaded guilty before a judge in New York to one charge of securities fraud for an alleged bitcoin scheme. The 33-year-old man admitted that he had misinformed people who had invested their bitcoins in his company, Bitcoin Savings and Trust. According to an assistant U.S. attorney, the man was paying off old investors with money from new investors while only investing a fraction of the bitcoins his company received.

Doctor and 14 associates accused of $150 fraud scheme

Health care fraud is unfortunately prevalent in New York and around the country. In one of the latest cases to receive publicity, a California surgeon has been indicted on charges related to an alleged fraud scheme. The report stated that the surgeon and 14 associates were accused of obtaining approximately $150 million illegally from insurance companies.

White collar crime and the DOJ

New York executives may have heard about a recent pronouncement on white collar crime by the U.S. Department of Justice. For most corporate personnel, the least favorable scenario is providing an admission of guilt to the federal government. Often times, these individuals would rather settle and pay exorbitant fines than plead guilty to the crimes they've been accused of committing. Even when it comes to being placed under the supervision of a monitor, the outcome is far more attractive than a guilty plea.

Necessary factors for an embezzlement charge

New York residents might wonder what is meant by the term "embezzlement". It is a form of theft that happens when an individual steals from funds that are available to them without belonging to them. For example, a store clerk or bank teller might take money on the job. Embezzlement also include theft of property, so if an employee keeps a work laptop or vehicle, that might be considered embezzlement.

Jimmy Snuka accused of killing girlfriend 30 years ago

On Sept. 1, it was announced that Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, a professional wrestler, was charged by the authorities for the death of his New York girlfriend nearly three decades ago. The girlfriend reportedly died after she was discovered gasping for air in a Pennsylvania hotel that she had been staying at with Snuka.

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