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November 2015 Archives

28-year-old woman pleads guilty in credit card theft scheme

New York residents may be interested to learn that, on Nov. 17, a woman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and other charges after she was found to be involved in a breach at The Michaels Companies, Inc. The 28-year-old California woman and a co-conspirator reportedly conspired to steal approximately 94,000 debit and credit card numbers.

Woman accused of fraudulently receiving welfare benefits

A New York women was taken into custody on Nov. 9 after she was accused of collecting $18,000 in welfare benefits even though she was employed. The 34-year-old Oneida resident reportedly collected welfare over the course of a year from two different state welfare agencies.

Side effects of morphine could interfere with driving ability

Morphine falls within the opiate class of drugs. Physicians prescribe it to control moderate to severe pain. Cancer patients in New York often receive this analgesic to help them cope with ongoing pain. Because it is a relatively powerful drug, side effects such as drowsiness or dizziness could occur and impact a person's ability to drive.

New York charities reportedly involved in clothing donation scam

On Oct. 29, it was reported that two groups who were accused of being involved in a used clothing scam in New York agreed to pay approximately $750,000 in restitution. The charity that was found to be at fault was Thrift Land USA, which will be required to disclose that it is a for-profit charity in the future.

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