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February 2016 Archives

Several New York people slashed and stabbed over weekend

Slashing and stabbings continue to be a problem in the New York City area with four occurring over the weekend of Feb. 20. They brought the total for the year so far to over 530, a 20 percent increase over the number that happened in the same period in 2015.

Feds charge race car driver for online payday lending scheme

New York racing fans may be interested in learning that Scott Tucker, a race car driver who competes on both European and U.S. circuits, was recently indicted for allegedly running a $2 billion fraudulent payday loan operation online. The indictment against Mr. Tucker was filed in federal court in Manhattan.

Animal abuse and violent crime in New York

In January 2016, the National Incident-based Reporting System, or NIBRS, began tracking instances of animal cruelty. The database monitors incidents such as gross neglect, torture and sexual abuse. Previously, instances of animal cruelty were classified under all other crimes in the FBI's "Crime in the United States" report. There are several reasons why the decision was made to keep tabs on animal abuse in the same way arson, burglary and other felonies are tracked.

The effect of weapons possession during an encounter with police

Anyone walking along a Brooklyn street in possession of a visible firearm is almost certain to draw the attention of the police. If police determine that the weapon is lawfully in that person's possession, how far they can go in searching or detaining the individual without evidence that the person is committing a crime could violate someone's constitutional rights.

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