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March 2016 Archives

Phishing scams designed to obtain worker W2 data

Human resources professionals in New York and around the country know that the amount of phishing emails they receive is likely to go up during February and March. This is the period when most employees file their taxes, and HR departments must often contend with numerous requests for replacement W-2 forms. The information found on W-2 forms can be used to file bogus tax returns or apply for credit cards, and reports surfacing in March 2016 indicate that several large companies have been compromised by scammers seeking this valuable data.

White-collar crime rates increasing

According to the New York City Police Commissioner, white-collar crime seems to be increasing in the city as more street gangs are finding this type of crime lucrative. The crimes that are committed across the nation appear to be fraud and identity theft, among other similar offenses.

Extra police to be stationed around New York City

A new strategy unveiled by New York City police on March 2 aims to increase security on the city's subways. This is in response to a reported increase in stabbings and slashings throughout the area. An increased presence is expected throughout the subway system as well as the Times Square subway station where 60 officers will be present. Although there won't be an officer on every train, there will be an officer at most stations.

Charges may follow alleged slashing incident on subway

On Feb. 29, a Brooklyn commuter was injured on a subway platform after attempting to arouse another person in what news sources are calling an "odd incident." According to reports, the alleged altercation took place in the Classon Ave. station on the G line at approximately 3:15 a.m. It was one of a series of incidents involving slashing or stabbing that have been ongoing throughout New York City.

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