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August 2017 Archives

Ride-sharing programs lead to fewer DWI

The initial results of ride-sharing programs in Western New York are positive when it comes to limiting drunk driving. While ride-sharing has only been offered for a short time in the Buffalo area, driving while intoxicated-stops have already decreased. This is especially powerful because DWI rates typically rise in the summer.

Proving battery in New York state

In New York state, a person may be convicted of assault if he or she inflicts bodily harm on another person. The severity of the charge depends on the severity of the injuries inflicted, if weapons were used to commit the crime and the mental capacity of the defendant. In some cases, it is necessary to show that a person intentionally injured another person and intended to cause serious injuries.

Mother and son convicted of murdering estranged husband

A New York woman and her son have been convicted on murder charges after they allegedly killed the woman's estranged husband in the summer of 2016. Prosecutors said that a contentious divorce and custody battle factored into the murder.

Woman pleads guilty in New York negligent homicide case

A 37-year-old woman from Latvia pleaded guilty to felony negligent homicide on July 24. The crime stems from the death of her fiancé in 2015. She previously pleaded not guilty to felonies of second degree murder and second degree manslaughter.

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